Announcing: The Adult Information Project

We are pleased to announce our new Adult Information Project. We heard you! We have received many emails from adults with learning disabilities, and/or their families, who have wanted information regarding services that can help them socially, emotionally, occupationally, and educationally.

The purpose of the Project is to identify non-profit organizations that help in these multiple ways. We understand how difficult it is to wade through bureaucratic information and to find the ‘right person’ who can help, so we are doing that for you. Our resource list will provide names of individuals or departments, emails that currently work, phone numbers when available, and procedural information that let us know the steps to obtaining services.

Project Dates: We have a set time limit and budget for the project, so we will start contacting agencies and organizations in January, 2024 with the end date for data collection April 1st, 2024.

Did you know….For example, that speech therapists with rehabilitation or medical experience can help with ‘training the brain’ in terms of attention and organization? That occupational therapists with expertise in sensory integration can help with focus and organizing sensory information (touch, visual, sound, etc.)? University clinics often have these specialists work their magic as do teacher education programs specializing in work with individuals who have learning disabilities. We hope to provide you with clinic information and resources, such as these, that you can use.

AND…… You can help!

  1. If you feel you can help with data collection, data verification, and the research, please contact me:
  2. If you have information on a non-profit organization that you feel would help adults, please email the organization’s name, contact information, and services (if you know these) to: Don’t forget to give us your contact information too in case we need further information.

Maria Davis-Perkins, LDA CA Secretary