President’s Message | June 2024


The mission of LDA CA is to create opportunities for success for all individuals with learning disabilities through support, education and advocacy by working with LDA of America as one of its affiliates. LDA CA is an active organization. We support the effort of passing SB 2222, since it will update state-adopted English Language Arts, English language development, and reading instructional materials. The bill calls for professional development for elementary educators in evidence-based literacy instruction. It will improve accountability in teacher preparation programs related to new literacy teaching standards, and support professional development for teacher preparation faculty. Highly qualified teachers with the Science of Reading will make a difference in the lives of students with learning disabilities.

The board members of LDA CA try to educate and advocate for people with learning disabilities in California by continuously sharing top-quality educational resources and recent research results with the LDA CA community. To do the work, new board member, Sandra Fishler, just joined LDA CA. She is the director of Landmark College Success Center, representing the college in the California Bay Area.

Thanks again for your active participation, continued advocacy, and strong support! A special thanks to our sponsors for your continued financial support for our learning disabilities community.

Your LDA CA President,
EunMi Cho